Thoughts, Chinese Red Lacquer (sd24Oct2019-)
Thoughts, Helios Purple (sd20Oct2019-)
Thoughts, Antwerp Blue (sd8Oct2019-)
Thoughts, Pompeian Red (sd31Aug2019-)
Thoughts, Cadmium Orange (sd5May2019-)
Thoughts, Mars Black (sd2April2019-)
Thoughts, Manganese Violet (sd20March2019-)
Thoughts,Light English Red (sd 12March2019-)
Thoughts, Venetian Red (sd24Feb2019-)
Thoughts, Sap Green (sd3Feb2019-)
Thoughts, Manganese Violet (sdFebruary2019-)
Thoughts, Cadmium Red Light (2018-19)
Thoughts, Cadmium Red (2018-19)
Thoughts, Scheveningen Orange (sd9February2018-)
Thoughts, Graphite Grey (2018-2019)
Thoughts, Cobalt Violet (2018-2019)
Thoughts, Chinese White (sd2July2017III-)
Thoughts, Chromium Oxide Green (2017-2019
Thoughts, Manganese Blue (sd 7Sept2015-)
Thoughts, Chrome Yellow Light (sd7May2018-)
Gravity (black), sd28June2017-
Black Hole / White Hole
Axis+Blue Study White sd23May2016-
Axis+Blue Study Green sd20May2016-
Axis+Blue Green sd 19 April 2016- ll
Axis+Blue Violet sd 8 April 2016- llll
Axis+Blue Yellow sd25March2016-lll
Blueprint Painting sd7Feb2016-
Gravity, (Yellow over Violet sd7Sept2015-)
Gravity, (Black over Blue, sd7Sept2015-)
Untitled, violet, (Axis series, sd25Apr.2012-)
Blueprint Painting sd29Sept2015-
Blueprint Painting sd21Sept2015-
Blueprint painting sd20Sept2015-
Blueprint painting no sd
Untitled, grey, (Axis series, sd 3Dec.2013-)
Untitled, white, (Axis series, sd24May2013-)
Untitled, green (Axis series, sd17May2013)
Untitled, violet, (Axis series, sd15May2013-)
Untitled, yellow, (Axis series, sd 10Dec.2012-)
Untitled, red (Axis series, sd22Apr.2012-)
Untitled, red, (Axis series, sd 21Apr.2012-)
Untitled, (Poetry series, sd 6Apr.2012-)
Untitled (Poetry series, sd 11Mar.2012-)
Untitled (Cadmium Red series, sd 10Mar.2012-)
Untitled (Poetry series, sd 24Feb.2012-)
Untitled (Cadmium Red series, sd 9Jan.2012-)
Untitled (Becoming Red series, sd 9Nov.2011-)
Untitled (Becoming Red series,sd 14Sept.2011-)
Untitled (Becoming Red series, sd 19April 2011-)
Untitled (Becoming Red series, sd 23Sept.2010-)
Untitled (Becoming Red series, sd 5Aug.2010-)
Untitled (Becoming Red series, sd 27Jun.2010-)
Untitled (Becoming Red series, sd 23Jun.2010-)
Untitled (Becoming Red series, sd 22Jun.2010-)
Untitled (Becoming Red series, sd 11Oct.2010-)
Untitled (Becoming Red series, sd 7 April 2010-)
Untitled (The Color of Blue series, sd5Jan.2009-)
 Untitled (The Color of Blue Series, sd 3Jan.2009)
Untitled (The Color of Blue series, sd 2Jan.2009)
Untitled (The Color of Blue series, sd16Nov.2008, circle)
Untitled (The Color of Blue series, sd 15Nov.2008, floating square)
Untitled, (The Color of Blue Series sd- 15 October 2008)
2050 Studio View (23Aug2008)
Green Code, (sd 5 Apr. 2008-)
Violet Code, (sd. 1 Feb. 2008-)
Orange Code, (sd 1 Jan. 2008-)
Red Code, (sd. 17 Nov. 2007-)
Yellow Code, (sd. 15 Sept. 2007-)
Untitled (Pale Blue, May 2007)
Untitled (cadmium yellow deep over blue)
Additive Subtractive Primaries, (Green, 2005 - 2006)
Split Ground #3
Split Ground Sewn #2
Scale/Ratio, installed at The St. James
Black Ground #2
Untitled, (Semiconscious series, #9, 11 February, 2001)
Untitled (VanGogh Yellow Tablet)
Hypnopompic Red with Blue Lines
Untitled, (Millenium Tablet)
Yellow paper dropped on Blue canvas
Green paper dropped on raw linen (view 2, 1992-95)
Green paper dropped on raw linen (view 1,1992-95)
2 Levels of Black
Yellow Canvas on Blue Paper
Red Canvas on Red Paper
The Blind Leading the Blind
Untitled, (yellow and blue canvases facing each other)
Untitled, (white and green canvases facing each other)
365 Portraits, 1973-1990
Scale/Ratio, Levy Gallery, Moore College of Art and Design
Blue Magnet
Blue Magnet
Red Yellow Blue Leaning Canvases
Black White Leaning Canvases
Black White Leaning Canvases
Cathy Stoop's Shadow
Tear in Sky
Tear in Sky (detail)
Between the Night and the Day
Untitled (MSP series, Cezanne 197_ - 1986, C-7-86)
Untitled (MSP series, Mondrian, 1975-1986)
Untitled (MSP series, deHooch, 197_ - 1986)
Untitled (MSP series, Tree,  1973 - 1986, C-10-86)
Portrait of an Actor (Robert Younger, C-8-85)
detail of Portrait of an Actor (Robert Younger, C-8-85)
Portrait of an Actor (Robert Younger, C-6-85)
Portrait of an Actor, closed (Robert Younger, C-6-85)
Figure at Sea (C-1-85)
Figure on a Prism (C-3-85)
study for a portrait of Frank Gillette
Untitled (K & H's Cremated Remains Joined in an Hourglass, 1983 -85, C-4-85)
Bust of Homer Contemplating Aristotle
Untitled (Art History series, Explosion 1983-1984)
Untitled (Art History series, Portrait of Sunday)
Untitled (Art History series, two crucifixions)
Untitled (Art History series, Underwater study for Figure at Sea)
We Live a Normal Life, (ten year portrait project)
Your Smile on My Face will Last a Long Time, (ten year portrait project)
I Have Always Found It a Bit Difficult to Step Onto a Moving Circle (ten year portrait project)
I Have Always Found It a Bit Difficult to Step Onto a Moving Circle (ten year portrait project)
C-4-1982 (ten year portrait project)
C-14-82 (ten year portrait project)
Blue Palette (Inside the Castle of the Pyrenees series, ten year portrait project)
Olympia (Inside the Castle of the Pyrenees series, ten year portrait project)
Lithograph-TheWhiteRussian (ten year portrait project)
Paris Call #5 (ten year portrait project)
East Seventies (ten year portrait project)
Untitled (ten year portrait project, 1/21/74 and 1/22/74)
Untitled (ten year portrait project, 1/22/73 and 1/23/73)
Waiting for the Piano, 1970-1973