Voice Print (stack), 1970-2001
Untitled (My Silence has Conditions 1994 - 1997)
Plywood Mirror
Blue Plate Special
Kocot and Hatton Self-portrait
Brush Holder
Untitled (infinity symbol engraved on interior of silver pocket watch case)
Color of Sound
Stacks of Stretchers
Not Titled 1970-1986
Worn, by the artists, for about one half hour each, while viewing Marcel Duchamp exhibit, 11/11/73, Philadephia Museum of Art
Letter from MoMA, pertaining to 1st Piece of Art for/from the Moon, project notebook
Suitcase (installation view: A.C.T. Gallery, Toronto, Canada  1978)
Shopping Cart
X Life Mask
Fresh Blade
not yet titled
Prototype of 1st Piece of Art for/from Moon
Aluminum foil stripped from
1/2 of an Airplane
Red and Yellow Paint Cans